Exactly 200 years ago, a couple royal nobodies celebrated their wedding with a party and a few beers, and today the tradition is still carried out in the extravaganza known as Oktoberfest! 0o0o Oktoberfest! How we have been counting down …

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We arrived in Berlin to rainy weather. Chris and Joe’s train was suppose to arrive at 1pm, leaving just enough time to find the location of the RV lot. Apparently missing your ride out of Amsterdam is contagious or common …

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Amsterdam 2.0


There is something about backtracking that usually bothers Chels and I but of all the cities we’ve been to going back to Amsterdam didn’t seem so bad ; ) especially since with my brother Chris and his friend Joe were …

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Family time in Holland! :)


Finally time to visit the “Dutchies”…. haven’t seen them in years and years since i was too young to really remember! It was a really nice few days to spend relaxing with family, sleeping in our own room with nice …

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Amsterdam 1.0


Amsterdam….where to begin!? This city offers more than just hookers and marijuana! It’s tree-lined canals are a million times prettier than Venice’s building lined ones….that with the beautiful Vondel park plus fun different shops everywhere makes it an amazing city …

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Two things that I love about Belgium: 1) There is a good variety of Quality Beer for cheap! Brands like Chimey and Duvel which might cost you $10-$12 in a bar, are $3 MAX.. and even cheaper if you opt …

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Lauterbrunnen! Goodbye Alps. If ever you’re in Europe and have an itch to do some extreme sports, this is the place you want to be! Paragliding, skydiving, hang-gliding, canyoning, white water rafting, ect. Activities at your fingertips, and a landscape …

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 SO being the really lucky travelers that we have been this trip (AND having family that takes care of us) Mike and Devon found us a free ride from Leysin to Bern! It was a beautiful scenic..but windy drive! only a …

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Resting peacefully within the french region of the Swiss Alps is the mountain village of Leysin. We traveled the cog train (the one that goes straight up the mountain) from Aigle and after our one mile vertical clime above Lake …

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Ahhh, the land of cheese, chocolate, yodeling and banks.  Switzerland, the ever neutral, vastly beautiful country with mountains that stretch through the clouds and lakes blue as the Caribbean, Switzerland not only provides the world with top quality consumer goods, …

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