Fake Frames!!


We were on Christmas Island when I celebrated my 24th birthday, and since Julie’s 23rd was just a few weeks before, we decided to have a joint birthday party. We of course wanted a dress-up theme, but realistically, there is …

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Golfing on Christmas Island!~


Although small, Christmas Island offers its locals plenty to do, one of which is to play a round of golf! Journey along Gaze road through the cemeteries, passed the grotto and soon after the landscape opens up; to your right …

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Winifred Beach


One of my new favorites! I had never been toWinifred Beach before in all my times to Christmas Island. It is the furthest beach away from everything, on the other side of the island. About a 45 minute drive through …

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The Dales!


The Dales are the waterfalls in Christmas Island, with Hugh’s Dale being the most famous! Again, only accessible with a 4-wheel drive, you’ll likely to get there and be the only ones around! Once parked, you have a walk through …

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Merrial Beach


One of the hidden gems in Christmas Island, Merrial Beach is a tiny plot of white sand nestled in between 2 tall cliffs. A 4-wheel drive is needed to get there, followed by a hike through the jungle that is …

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Welcome to Christmas Island!


If you cruise along the vast expanse of the Indian Ocean from Australia to Indonesia, about 400km North West of Oz you might land yourself on the tropical paradise known as Christmas Island. Although you may need a magnifying glass …

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Perth in a Nutshell!


Ahh.. Australia! Since we had been traveling for almost 9 months straight the timing was perfect! Chels and I (and our bank accounts) were both in need of a break; not to mention the added benefits of our pit stop …

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Bali..resort style with the fam!


Leaving Ubud was sad, but I think we were all secretly excited to experience living in comfort for a few days! As we were pulling into Santika Resort, we all noticed how gorgeous and lush the surroundings were, how sparkling …

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Exactly 200 years ago, a couple royal nobodies celebrated their wedding with a party and a few beers, and today the tradition is still carried out in the extravaganza known as Oktoberfest! 0o0o Oktoberfest! How we have been counting down …

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Recently Prague has become a tourist hotspot. And why not, it’s got plenty of old stuff to poke around at during the day, a lively nightlife and most importantly a weaker currency. All jokes aside, Prague is a cool city …

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