“ll be here a while, ain’t goin nowhere”


As we pulled into the port of Santorini it was clear why this is one of the most popular Greek Isles. The historic volcanic eruption that took place nearly 3500 years ago has carved out a dramatic coast with steep …

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FINALLY….we arrived in Athens where we found out there were no more ferries to the islands. At this point, we were pretty afraid (after Mum’s numerous emails about ATHENS RIOTING!!!!) Haha thanks for looking out Mum! But it was actually …

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Our adventures through Albania and into Greece!


The next two days of our life was pretty much spent in buses! Our first bus ride was to the southern tip of Montenegro..to a town called Bar. The whole time we were traveling, Zlatan was talking about how horrible …

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From Dubrovnik…our plan was to make our way to Greece, but to stop at some cool places along the way! As we boarded the bus, we were both sad to leave Croatia, but excited to see a new country…especially one …

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To get to the camp site we had to make a 5km trek around the harbor and up a hill. When we arrived we found that it was outrageously priced; no view, no good ground to set up and they …

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korcula – fail!


We hung out in the hostel and waited for our ferry to the island of Hvar. Well, turns out that we bought a ticket for the island further south of Hvar called Korcula instead. SO we rolled with it since …

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Travels with Klaus and Hter


After a lovely day at the park, we returned with Klaus and Hter to Senj…first stopping a very cute and quaint little restaurant and watermill down the road! It was really beautiful and they caught all their fish fresh before …

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Plitvice National Park!!


Not much sleep in Senj, I wish it was excitement keeping us awake but it was the wind blowing our tent around. There was hardly any grass at the site (mostly rocks) so our spikes made it about a half …

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Rab! …and a fun night in Senj!


This morning, we took a catamaran to an island called Rab, as recommended by the receptionist at the hostel! It was looking like a promising day, but the second we arrived, a crazy storm started brewing, and before we knew …

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The bus ride from Venice to Pula took about 5 hours. We tried to catch up on some much needed sleep but sleeping on a bus is a art we have yet to master (Kelly we could use some advice …

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