San Jose

San Jose Costa Rica holds its own in a region where capital cities are nothing to brag about. Even though the city is nowhere near the best part of the country, a strong technology industry has helped make the city a pillar of proper development that others in the region should strive to achieve.Â

These statues were everywhere...all different!

After an intense border crossing, and a night in Liberia, we were happy to arrive at our couchsurfer, Justine’s cozy abode. She actually lived in a quaint little town called Belen, just outside of Heredia and about 20

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minutes from the city center. Justine herself was a spark of life and ended up taking us in 3 days earlier than we planned…and for 3 days longer! :)'re the best!

Brad had come down with a cough, so after a couple days full of rest and vitamins, we finally made it out into the city. Guess who decided to join us too..yet again..our long-lost couchsurfer Alex! The 4 of us headed for La Sabana park with a soccer ball in one hand and a camera in the other. The park in San Jose is full of life! Everywhere you look, there are kids playing soccer, couples enjoying a picnic, baseball games and artwork all around. We kicked around the ball for a while, watched Alex ride around on a unicycle that he saw someone have in the park, and then enjoyed some fresh coconut juice while watching the baseball game!

Fun in the park!

Whale Skeleton?

Fresh coconut juice!

Yay that Justine was with us, because she casually asked if her and Brad could join in the game, and they accepted! Brad joyously waited in the hot sun for a chance to feel the ball touch his glove (didn’t happen…these guys weren’t the best baseball players around!) before getting a chance at bat! Justine actually DID get a chance to catch a couple balls

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in the outfield…but also didn’t happen haha! :) (LOVE YA!)

Brad up at bat!

After enjoying the outdoors, Justine went to work, and Alex, Brad and I checked out a museum close by, then went to check out the markets. The pedestrian street is quite nice, with lots of shopping, although not as many cafe’s as I would have liked! The markets were bustling with anything you could possible want. On the top of our list… deliciously unhealthy cheese tortillas!

Cheese tortilla wrapped in a banana leaf!

Before we knew it, it was time to leave Costa Rica. Although we didn’t do a whole lot in San Jose, it was the company we were surrounded with that made it such a pleasure! Alex…always great to see you,

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and Justine, you were such a fun gracious host! Until next time Central America. Now for the long journey to Peru!

Bye bye Central America!

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2 Responses to San Jose

  1. Alex says:

    Always nice to see you guys too :) Now post up some news from South America so I know what’s ahead of me XD – Colombia is great! I made it out of Cartagena after a bit of waiting, but then it was awesome! The people are great and the weather is a LOT cooler once you get in those south eastern mountains! Optionally there’s also a whole lot more military, which means guerilla!

  2. Nanny Rochfort says:

    Great photos and story as always. we just got home today from our hols in Cambodia,just loved it Chels,will definitely go again.

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