Utila, one of three Bay Islands and former Pirate/British Colony (but not at the same time) and now popular Honduran tourist destination, is today most known for their cheap and wonderful scuba diving; this duo’s next destination!   Our journey …

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Langkawi 2.0


I was super excited and anxiously waiting at the Langkawi airport for Ashley’s arrival…. The first of our friends to actually come to travel alongside Brad and I!!!!! She was easy to spot with her blonde hair and I ran …

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Langkawi 1.0


The road out of Thailand was hectic and a tad bit stressful. The reason being….our visa was running out in a couple days and if we didn’t get out of there, we might have been paying a hefty fine!! The …

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” 0oo We’re going to Ibiza! Back to the island! We’re gonna have a party…in the Mediterranean Sea! ” I have LOVED that Vengaboys song since i was 12 but never knew in 10 years Brad and I would actually …

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Gaining back momentum


It was definitely tough saying goodbye to our new friends in Perissa. A Traveling has allowed us to meet wonderful people all over the place and no one area has been better than Perissa Santorini! Although we could have stayed …

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Perissa…we’ll miss ya!


So after 4 weeks…we were still at Perissa Beach in Santorini…couldn’t seem to get away because now we had made all these great friends to hang out with and have drinks with! He had our favorite hang-our spots…Yazz when we …

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korcula – fail!


We hung out in the hostel and waited for our ferry to the island of Hvar. Well, turns out that we bought a ticket for the island further south of Hvar called Korcula instead. SO we rolled with it since …

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Rab! …and a fun night in Senj!


This morning, we took a catamaran to an island called Rab, as recommended by the receptionist at the hostel! It was looking like a promising day, but the second we arrived, a crazy storm started brewing, and before we knew …

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