Cabo de Gata!

We arrived in Almeria, only to hop straight onto another bus to Cabo De Gata, where the beautiful untouched beaches on Spains southern coast are! Or so we were told!

When we got to the beach, it was surprisingly quite full of people! Um what?! We thought these were untouched beaches! BUT the water was Beautiful!! It was crystal clear, and almost felt like fresh water! So Brad and I enjoyed our meal on the sand with a beautiful sunset, and it wasn’t long before the beach was cleared out! We were pretty exhausted so set up our tent right there on the beach behind some fishing boats when it got dark and went to sleep! The fireworks were still going off all night until the good show of real fireworks! Then this little family restaurant that was dead at 9pm started blasting club music until 6 in the morning!! WHAT?! Where did that come from?? But we slept through it and i guess felt kind of safe being not completely isolated.

Amazing sunset!

Amazing sunset!

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The next morning i woke up officially sick. :( I felt it coming on! The past few days not only were we eating lots of junk and crap, but we also hadn’t gotten much sleep…so it was bound to happen! The sun was BLAZING hot by 10am and there was not an ounce of shade. Every single person that came to the beach brought an umbrella and Brad and I were super envious. We tried to build our own shade using the tent poles and the blanket, but after 45 minutes of messing around…FAIL! It wasn’t happening. Brad was laying in his boxers instead of his boardies and the tops of his legs fried! By mid-afternoon we said screw it….we had been through tons of water, and i went through tons of tissues before deciding we couldn’t spend another night on the beach like this. Even though it was really relaxing and we felt super safe, i needed to get better! We sadly didn’t make it to the Isolated beached in Cabo De Gata which apparently no bus goes to. You need to rent a car. But if you Google it, they are beautiful and we would highly recommend trying to go! Thanks for the nice water to swim in though! :)

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  1. oma says:

    You two are certainly living through all types of experiences.You are doing so well and I know you are better by now. Please look after yourselves and enjoy,Love Oma

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