Langkawi 1.0

The road out of Thailand was hectic and a tad bit stressful. The reason being….our visa was running out in a couple days and if we didn’t get out of there, we might have been paying a hefty fine!! The reason we COULDN’T get out of there was because there was MASSIVE flooding on all the roads leading OUT! Ahhhh the buses weren’t running, the trains were blocked. We even went to an immigration office, but they basically told us either way…we were paying! GREAT! We waited it out in beautiful, yet wet Krabi, and LUCKILY on the very last day, the bus was running! So we bussed it to the border, where we jumped on a ferry to Langkawi!

Ferry ride...with rice sticks!

We arrived by ferry but cabbed it to the airport to meet our Couchsurfer Din! He works there, but also lives close by…so gave us a ride to his place! Just off the beach on a little back road was his humble abode! After we settled, Brad and I walked to the beach for sunset! We were in Langkawi for the next 2 weeks and they were spent relaxing and partying with Din and his friends!


Hanging around at Yellow cafe!


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had the morning off so took us to a waterfall nearby. It was a nice walk through the jungle full with humping monkeys J We were lucky because the waterfall was roaring! The night before we experienced a torrential downpour and tropical thunderstorm as we were having drinks under a little tin roof. It was scary as…. The thunderclap and lighting shut off the electricity and everyone was sitting in the dark drinking…barely able to hear each other over the pouring rain! But hey…it made for a pretty waterfall trip the next day!

Climbing around on the waterfall!

That night, Din took us to his friends pre-opening of his restaurant. Turns out it was Rizal…who we were couchsurfing with for the second part of our trip!! Haha..small island! He brought out tons of amazing food for us to try (for free!) before we all took off to Sunba, the only late-night bar on that side of the island. We had a BLAST!!! Drinks were cheap…plus we had a pile of free-drink coupons, the band was rocking with Pink Floyd and Bob Marley covers, and we were all dancing as if nobody was watching (especially me ahhh!) We didn’t go home until 3 or 4am … and somehow Din does this almost EVERY night before taking off for work early the next morning!!

Partying with Din!

One of the coolest things about Malaysia, seeming as Brad and I are food lovers, is that they eat with their hands!!! It’s a very skilled art, but it doesn’t matter how sloppy the curry…you’re eating with your hands. Din took us to a super local buffet and everyone was extremely impressed that Brad and I not only tried eating with our hands….but knew the correct technique (thanks Aunty Suhaima!!)

Brad eating...Malaysian style!

So with Din being the ultimate man…he then invited us to ANOTHER party with tons of free food, and this time free booze as well. It was a 75th birthday party of a local German man who was partnered with a Malaysian man.

Brad dancing with traditional....?

The party was AMAZING!! The most food Brad and I had seen on our whole trip….and ALL FREE! We were in heaven but absolutely stuffed out faces (in an elegant mannered way of course). The party was on the sand with nice tables and decorations, and full of entertainment from lady boys to a slideshow of Johnny’s life. Everyone was so friendly and towards the end everyone let off those floating lantern things…which turned out to be surprisingly difficult…but really nice!

Floating lights :)

Again the night ended with everyone off to Sunba…but I was mostly excited for the anticipated arrival of my bestie Ashley!

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