Travels with Klaus and Hter

After a lovely day at the park, we returned with Klaus and Hter to Senj…first stopping a very cute and quaint little restaurant and watermill down the road! It was really beautiful and they caught all their fish fresh before serving it to you…very cool! I didn’t even get anything to eat, but they gave me a free tank top for a souvenir! :)

Free tank!!

After another night in Senj, Brad and I had planned to find our own way to Zadar, but Klaus came up to us and offered to keep driving us, as they were heading south too! We happily tagged along, because not only was it a free ride, but it was great company! Zadar was really really nice!

Yachts at Zadar!

It had an awesome harbor and promenade with lots of cute cafe’s! We spotted an awesome yacht and were temped to try and find some work :) But apparently Zadar is known for its amazing sunsets..which we sadly didn’t see..even Alfred Hitchcock wrote about them! But really were mostly excited because this one nice cafe had FREE internet!! ahh we were so excited, cus at this point, were still anxiously awaiting for an email about Samantha’s baby…boy..girl…was it here yet?! Still no news, and on we went to Sibenik

Boardwalk at Zadar!

Sibenik the city…may or may not have been nice…but we did not find out! The camping site was way outside the city and the bus had stopped running from the campsite! But the campsite was actually a HUGE development of hotels, sporting activities, clubs and more! We again, saw a beautiful sunset like we have every night in Croatia *so lucky!!* and walked around to find some live music in one of the hotels! When we made our way back to our tent, Klaus and Hter had broken out their wine and chocolate and we sat and had great conversation with them all night! After the first bottle of wine, out came some German beer and champagne! They were truly so kind and generous to us!! And we just loved hearing all their stories and learning about the German music and culture! Before we left the next morning, we took a picture with them…or as Klaus says “I must make a picture”!

“Making” a picture!

After Sibenik, we made a quick stop over in Trogir, which was a beautiful old little town on the 
coast! We all loved it!!! They had some castles and pretty churches there, but i really like all the big wooden boats! We were also lucky enough to catch some traditionally Croatian music and dance right by the water! After some sightseeing, we ran into the fresh food markets, and had to buy some fruit and bread! We also grabbed some fast food…a cheeseburger…which was AMAZING and HUGE!! Brad and I shared it and were full! Half of it is still bigger than two cheeseburgers from McDonalds! It comes with tomatoes and cucumbers too which really add a nice touch! For some reason, i thought my Oma and Grandad would have really liked the Trogir!

Fort at Trojir!


Traditional dance!

Massive burger!!!

Then we were off to Split, where we sadly parted ways with Klaus and Hter…only after eating some of their delicious strawberries they just bought in Trogir! We were so thankful for them, and will always remember them…hopefully even find them again when we are in Germany! We found a small family run hostel there, which was very clean, had a full kitchen, and satellite TV and free internet! SO nice and the son was super nice and helpful! Of course…i jump straight online to find out that KYLIE was born!!!! Brad couldn’t stop smiling and we walked down to the promenade to celebrate with a bottle of wine by the water! There
were tons of kids around, so of course we just couldn’t stop
talking and smiling about what Kylie will be like when we meet her! The promenade was great! Nice benches and plants everywhere with an awesome view of the ocean! We really liked it, but there was no camping, and we were ready for some beach time on the islands anyway, so decided to move on the Hvar in the morning!

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Welcome to the world Kylie!


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