To get to the camp site we had to make a 5km trek around the harbor and up a hill. When we arrived we found that it was outrageously priced; no view, no good ground to set up and they cramed us in with all the auto campers. So instead of spending the money we headed towards the beach and figured we’d camp out there. Most of the beaches in Croatia had little to no sand and this was one was no exception.


The copacabana beach lacked the glamour of the NYC night club it was named after but it seemed to be a good spot to bed down for the night. Chels and I formed some grooves in the pebbles and ate some bread while we watched the sunset. The best part of the night came soon after the sun had fallen and half our bottle of wine had been drank. In the middle of our  conversation, we both happen to catch a shooting star!

Getting ready for our night on the beach!

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We slept about as good as you can on a public rocky beach, and had the sound of the waves to lull us back to sleep after any interruption during the night. The rest of the day was spent doing absolutely nothing! We lounged on the beach from sunrise to sunset, taking a coffee break about mid day to write some postcards and a walk to the market around dinner time. Unfortunately this market had no Vegemite, which we would later run completely out of.

Our set up :)

We changed locations on the beach for the second night because we figured if security saw us they might think we were making a habit of this and ask us to leave. Our new spot was probably the rockiest spot on the beach which made it tough to find a groove. I was afraid that if I wiggled around to much it might not turn out to good for my backside. By the time we woke up the next morning we were ready for a night in a hostel.

No more Vegemite!!! NOOOO!!!

Brad writing some postcards!

Dubrovnik is not an easy town to walk around, it is spread out long ways and we refuse to pay for public transport; so we spent the morning walking around trying to find accommodation with free internet. The youth hostel was a ripp off (becoming a trend), so we ended up hitting up this villa that our new friend Long Hii (who we met on the beach and helped fix his sandal) had told us about. When we arrived the owner told us that he had accidentally overbooked the room but he could place a mattress on the floor for one of us. Instead of being mad, we were pumped to be in a position to negotiate, two for one. After some rest and a much needed shower, we took a long walk to Dubrovnik’s Old City.

The old town!

The walk was well worth it. The old city is in great condition, even after being bombed only 10 years ago! Restaurants and shops line the stone streets along with a church here and there. We decided to grab a drink at this bar called Buzo, perfectly located on the water. Finishing up our tour of the old city with a seat on a bench on the port, where we ran into Long Hii. We grabbed a bite to eat on the walk back and the night ended shortly after.

Drinks on the side of the cliff!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    OMG you two are certainly doing it tough, for petes sake be very careful there are some strange people out there.Please look after each other love Oma xxxxx

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