Enjoying the view with Johnny!

From Dubrovnik…our plan was to make our way to Greece, but to stop at some cool places along the way! As we boarded the bus, we were both sad to leave Croatia, but excited to see a new country…especially one we hadn’t even planned to visit originally! It was only a couple hour bus ride to Kotor, Montenegro, and it went by super fast thanks to our new found friend, Johnny from San Diego. We all got off together unsure of what we wanted to do, but soon realized we wanted to hike up to the fortress on top of the mountain! First we stopped to enjoy some lunch and fresh strawberries from the market, and then went on to a surprisingly hard hike.

Cool bridge!

It was just what i like though…lots of little passageways you can choose to take, steep stairs to climb and scary bridges to cross! It had absolutely beautiful views! We stopped at every corner to take pictures, and it just kept getting better and better! We hung out and enjoyed ourselves at the top for a bit, but eventually made our way down to catch the bus to Budva…our original destination at Montenegro. According to Lonely Planet, it is the spot to be!

Climbing around the fort!

Amazing view!

When we arrived, still traveling with Johnny, we originally planned to camp or sleep on the beach again, but unfortunately the weather had other plans. Instead we found the Hippo Hostel which ended up being AWESOME! And it wasn’t even listed in Lonely Planet, which we were quite upset about! The guy running it was from Italy and really cool…it had a full kitchen, included breakfast, free internet…i could go on and on..all for a great price too! We met another guy there named Zlatan…he was born in Bosnia and could speak the language, but lived in Florida…(so could speak ours too!)

We all wanted to go out together, and started drinking local Montenegran wine…but it started storming like crazy and sadly we didn’t get to see the old town in Budva…big disappointment! Zlatan had told us his plans to get to Greece, which is really what we started out to do from Dubrovnik…and he seemed to know exactly how to get there! Yay…this was a relief since Brad and I definitely didn’t…it is really difficult from the coast..which we wanted to stick to! So we decided to leave the next morning with him! We left Johnny with a little goodbye note in the morning…telling him how awesome the club was that we went to in town, and how we met the owner and got hooked up with drinks haha! He was the one that was begging everyone to go out, but fell asleep before all of us…so who knows…maybe he fell for it! :) Bye Johnny and Bye Montenegro!


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  1. Jessica says:

    chels and brad! you guys look like you're having the BEST time, i am so happy for the two of you! your blog kept me entertained for several hours at work today! thank you. have an amazing rest of the trip and i cannot wait to hear more stories. BE SAFE!

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