Ethel Beach!

Brad's masterpiece painting!

One place that you should take some time and get to know while on the island is Ethel Beach. Given its proximity to Lily one might expect a similar layout, but it is actually very different. From the parking lot there is a boardwalk that will lead you down to a set of steps bringing you out onto Ethel OR you can walk down the (unused) boat ramp and climb through some rocks to a private beach.

Rock Pools at Ethel

Once you touch down

on the pebbly sand you have a choice to either set up

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in front of the shimmering indigo rock pools that are just deep enough to lounge in or stroll to the left where space is plentiful until you find a spot that suits you. This is also a great place to view the casino, but even better for sunrise if you’re keen for a 5am wake up call.Â


Probably the most important thing to take into consideration before planning a trip here is the tide. Always choose low or going out over high/coming in because at its highest point the waves will be crashing into the steps leading down to the beach and the chill space becomes nil. Â

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