Fake Frames!!

We were on Christmas Island when I celebrated my 24th birthday, and since Julie’s 23rd was just a few weeks before, we decided to have a joint birthday party. We of course wanted a dress-up theme, but realistically, there is nowhere to shop on Christmas Island. Unless you go to Perth or KL before the party, you’re very limited. So we decided on a “Fake Frames” party inspired by LMFAO.


We went all out, cleaning Julie’s house and yard up the whole week before, setting up dance lights, making the ultimate playlist, shopping for food and booze, acquiring tables and esky’s! Finally the night came and it was a blast! EVERYONE showed up wearing their sunnies with the lens popped out, and some of Julez friends even dressed outrageously for the occasion!

The girlies!

The boys stole the cam!

My favorite party favor was brought out… jello shots…and plenty of them! Beer pong was a success, but Flip Cup even more so! Upside Down Margaritas came out around midnight and after that…I think everyone was feeling good! Thanks to Oma and Aunty Suhaima, we had plenty of dips, snacks and even Sushi to munch on and keep everyone

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on their feet!

Upside down margaritas! :)

My Love!
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  1. Nanny Rochfort says:

    It was a great night!!!

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