Millions of years ago a phisher opened up in the earth’s crust some 20 thousand feet below the ocean’s surface. The constant seeping of molten rock added with a whole lot time, multiplied by the constant drifting of our continental plates equals the Hawaiian Islands. This cluster of volcanic islands is the most isolated in the world and, is in a constant state of growth; with the newest island, Loihi, forming off the coast of Hawaii(The Big Island) as you read this. Although my math may not be precise, it doesn’t take a genius to recognize the incredible beauty of these phenomenal isles.Â

Arriving in HAWAII!!!

Our first stop was Maui the second largest in size and population. The island offers such a diverse landscape that within an hour you could go from sunny, dry desert to lush tropical rainforest in under an hour. We had lots to explore on Maui and couldn’t wait to get back­­­­­ into living the island lifestyle again!

After a long couple hour waiting for the right bus, we finally made our way to the always sunny Lahaina, on the west side of Maui, where our couchsurfer Sarah awaited us! We all meshed immediately and made plans for a hike the next morning to go fruit-picking in the mountains, so after a home-made carrot juice, we were on our way with Odin, Sarahs big sweetheart dog to scour for as many guavas and Liliquoy (passionfruit) that we could get our hands on! We totalled about 50 in all, and shared with whoever would accept! Definitely something I loved about Maui…. It was all about living off the land, respecting the land, and sharing the joy!

Guavas galore!

Brad and I went exploring through the little tourist town when we stumbled upon the most amazing tree we’ve ever seen! They’re called Banyan trees, and their branches extend out and then drop to the ground to plant new roots….with look like new trees that have MORE branches that make more trees! And they’re all connected to this one “mother tree”… It was just unbelievably beautiful!

Banyan Tree!

Eventually Brad pulled me away and we made our way to the beach for sunset! It was beautiful as we watched a dog play fetch with a coconut, and kayakers passing in front of the picturesque mountains of Lanai.

Sunset in Lahaina!

Next stop…Paia, the alternative hippie town on the road to Hana… sometimes sunny sometimes rainy! We had a bit of trouble on the bus…future note to all backpackers heading for Hawaii… they don’t allow bags on the public busses! (this can also depend on the drivers mood and available space)BOO… we were pretty annoyed that they basically make all tourists rent a car or take a taxi! Luckily couchsurfers are BADASS and our new one in Paia, Kevin, came to collect us!

Sunset in Paia!

Lucky for us our hosts were not only cool people, but excellent tour guides, with an itinerary that was just our speed. Our first day we visited the Iao Needle, which is a lush mountain range offering swimming holes and exciting views.Â

Amazing view!

The next day was even better. We headed out towards the road to Hana and somewhere near Huiku we pulled off on this small dirt road and found our trail. Down we climbed until we reach the first of many swimming holes and were greeted by a beautiful family of three who were soaking up the sun where it usually doesn’t shine!Â

Right away I spotted some hanging vines and had the urge to swing. I gave it a hard tug and a test run before making my swing across the water. “Get up higher” said Chelsea, and I willingly obliged and as I did no sooner did my butt meet the hard rocks of the river. Nothing a

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little laughter didn’t cure.Â

Vine swinging!

On we went only to emerge to a beautiful waterfall and oasis, straight out of a movie! Green rainforest all around,

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turquoise blue water…and nobody else around! We all jumped in….I needed a little push cus it was sooo cold! BUT SO worth it! The little waterfalls coming from the rock were warm too so major plus! We all found ourselves sitting in silence, some meditating, really taking in the

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beauty around us! We didnt want to leave!


All we ended up doing was hiking to ANOTHER beautiful waterfall. This hike was harder and through heavy forest with lots of bushwhacking, but again, we arrived in isolation! This one was taller and provided a nice little rock to jump off of!

Brad backflipping!

Our time in Maui was truly unique and wouldn’t have been the same without our adventurous earth-loving couchsurfers! We left with a new love for all the local fruits , the lush green mountains, and of course the Aloha spirit! Definitely could live in Maui :) Not too sad though, becaue next stop … the Big Island!

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  1. Nanny Rochfort says:

    Looks like a beautiful place and your photos are amazing. So glad you are enjoying it and that you are well,I even rang mum to see if she heard from you so glad that you are ok xxxxx

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