Let’s imagine Australia as a family unit, focusing in on two of the major east coast cities. If Sydney is the good looking energetic extravert than Melbourne is the funky, artsy, laid back cousin.  Melbourne, pronounced MelBIN  is an hour south west by plane, from its cousin Sydney (10 hour train if you’re a destitute backpacker). Despite the relaxed feel, it has a very busy central business district and is an

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important financial center of Australia.

Amazing graffiti lane!

Melbourne is hesitant to show her hand right away, calling curious travellers to explore her back street “lanes” and cool suburban shopping strips. There is no shortage of artwork to gaze at, whether it’s on the sides of buildings or housed in one of their world class museums.  There is also an impressive display of architectural achievement where past meets present in Federation square where folks can meet up, people watch or kick back and watch a TED talk on the giant screen.Â

Flinders Station!

Just a stone’s throw away is the Yarra River, bending around the city in such a perfectly balanced arch that a stroll along the southern shore promenade requires you save space on your memory cards. There is a subculture that looms in Melbourne, and if you look around as we did you are bound to not only find it, but love it!

Yarra River!

Another must-do is the famous Great Ocean Road Drive…although I would recommend taking a couple days to do it, rather than the 1 10-hour drive we rushed it in! Still…beautiful as ever with a pleasant drive along the coast along with some inland driving through forest! Eventually you’ll make it to the 12 Apostles, which are astounding upon first sight! With only 8 left, it’s something that could eventually disappear, so it was definitely worth the drive!

12 Apostles!

Our last day, we went back to one of our favorite spots , Brunswick Street. Similar to Fremantle in Perth, or Little 5 in Atlanta, it’s

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full of alternative, artsy people and weird shops :) Way more fun to walk down! We went to this awesome restaurant called “Naked for Satan”.. they brew their own beer and cider, and infuse their own vodka! Mon-Wed its 80c tapas, you pay after with your toothpick collection, and there is tons to look at with classic photos of naked men and women all over the place! Very cool vibe..just LOVED it! AND…there happened to be a Couchsurfing meeting there when we cool! :)

Brunswick Street!

 A BIG THANKS to Julie and Jaq for hosting us during our stay in Melbourne! It was so great to see a familiar face and have a comfy bed to sleep in :)Â


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2 Responses to Melbourne!

  1. Carla Branch says:

    And then there’s the penquins and Ballarat , Geelong, Chatswood,Chappel street and so much more.The casino is awesome too.

  2. Nanny Rochfort says:

    You two make every thing sound so great ,I want to see it all as it has been years since I have been in Melbourne,miss you xxxx

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