The Dales!

The Dales are the waterfalls in Christmas Island, with Hugh’s Dale being the most famous! Again, only accessible with a 4-wheel drive, you’ll likely to get there and be the only ones around! Once parked, you have a walk through the jungle, where you’ll come to a stream

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filled with huge Tahitian Chesnut trees and blue crabs (they love the water!). The rest of the walk is uphill on a boardwalk to avoid the sharp rocks, and stepping into crab holes!

The hike to the Dales!

Blue crabs along the way!

Once you’re up the hill, you can cool off under the waterfall, explore in the cave, and even climb to the top to see the muddy network of tree roots and water. It’s super relaxing, beautiful, and a good work out!

Hugh’s Dale Waterfall (No.2)

Marshes above the Waterfall!

If feeling adventurous, there are actually three more Dales that each offer a little something different. Chels and I went back another day to check them out. Cross over the first stream dodge some crab holes, duck under a few branches and fallen trees and you will quickly come to the next stream.Â

We had read that if you just follow the stream towards the ocean, you’ll eventually get there, and after a few minutes of deliberation and discussion about how to break through the thick bush we decided to give it a go. We felt like true explorers, hiking off the beaten path criss-crossning over the creek trying to find the best way and watchfully avoiding the blue crabs, who met us with raised claws. Eventually the brush clears and the beautiful Indian Ocean appears.

The Rockpools (No.3)
We absolutely LOVED the 3rd dale with the rockpools. We had green jungle behind us, blue water in front of us, and lots of cliffs to climb around and explore. Looking at the massive swell and neverending horizon made us feel so small. Gave us an interesting perspective!

Taking a Dip

We skipped the 4th dale with the blowholes and headed for the 5th dale, Anderson’s Dale, with the gorge. We were in LOVEEEEE!!! This was the biggest stream lined with massive trees and crabs everywhere! When we walked up to the gorge, we could have stayed there forever. A massive tree had fallen over the stream to create the perfect entrance to the gorge. You can walk right down to the opening of the ocean and watch the power of the ocean crash up on the cliffs!

The Gorge (No.5)


While you’re at the Dales, it only makes sense to take a short drive down the road to visit Martin Point, which offers a nice lookout from the West side of the island. You can hop off the platformed lookout and actually walk around on the cliffs, but be careful!!! It’s a crazy drop-off and a sure death if you fall!Â


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2 Responses to The Dales!

  1. Devon says:

    Now you’ve done it. We’re hundreds of miles from the nearest (and safest) coastline and you had to go and post these gorgeous pictures of that luscious coast-line. I’m drooling! Loved the pictures! The one of the marsh, looked like a painting. Well done, explorers! Keep ‘em coming!

  2. Nanny Rochfort says:

    Just love the photo of the Blue crab!

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