Lauterbrunnen! Goodbye Alps. If ever you’re in Europe and have an itch to do some extreme sports, this is the place you want to be! Paragliding, skydiving, hang-gliding, canyoning, white water rafting, ect. Activities at your fingertips, and a landscape perfect for all of them. You can even take a 3 hour cable car/train ride to the “top of Europe” for breathtaking views, on top of a glacier. This place is truly a land of brilliant adventures. Amazing as it sounds, none of these extreme sports fit into our tight budget. The cheapest option coming in somewhere around 480 Swiss francs. It was not an easy decision though. We both have been wanting to skydive, and we’ve read that free falling over the Alps can be a life changing experience, BUT, we decided to put it off for another great location..possibly New Zealand (anybody interested?).

New friends!

SO Brad and I basically spent our time hiking (FREE!)! But we saw some beautiful views! It was hilarious because anytime we happened to look up…we saw people falling from the sky! Helicopters zooming back and forth, dropping people out of them! Cool! We met a guy that went to University of Florida whose tent was pitched next to ours…which by the way..the campsite there is really awesome! So anyway we explored and had a few drinks with him the first night!

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Besides the scenery…the highlight of Lauterbrunnen was our dinner that last night! FONDUE and Rosti! We found a little restaurant with a great view and even treated ourselves to a drink as well! While we were waiting for our food.. we noticed a couple sitting across from us trying to take photos of themselves…so we offered to take one for them! Then we found out they were from Massachusetts too!! Then we found out they are from the North Shore!! Craziness! THEN…we found out they are doing a house exchange! I thought that was super super cool! I immediately wanted to comment.. “oh like in that movie The Holiday!” But didn’t want to sound silly…but when we asked how they got started with that…they said well… first we saw it in that movie…The Holiday! haha! So we continued to chat about that when our delicious food arrived! The fondue came with tons of herbs and spices that you could dress it up with, and bread and potatoes to dip! The Rosti was unbelievable too! So that was Lauterbrunnen…pretty uneventful BUT REALLY nice! We can see why the Busabout uses that as a sort of middle point!

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Our new ride for the next few months!

Speaking of Busabout…we started it the next morning for our first time! We got special VIP looking passes and the bus was FULL of Kiwis and Aussies! We were the ONLY Americans! Haha but it was nice because everyone spoke English…the guide was really cool and informative, AND all the movies were in English WOO HOO!

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  1. oma says:

    Hi Chelsea and Brad, you are still enjoying it all I see, Yes the Aussies get around dont they. But that must have been nice for you to catch up with some of them and exchange experiences. Enjoy the rest of your adventure, love Oma xxxxx

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